Friday, May 23, 2014

Four Simple Words

My last post was about Three Simple Words.

The LORD has been doing a powerful job in my life through them.

I've been practicing the art of coming into God’s presence with a concerted effort. I stop my often frenzied thought life and turn my full attention to presenting myself before the throne of grace. Well, to be precise, before my loving Elohim, the Creator.

This was no easy task with all the challenges surrounding me over more than 10 months of serous health issues and nomadic living. A complicating challenge is that God built me with a high-speed processor for a brain. It's my natural inclination to apply this gift to every single HUGE and tiny item, issue, problem, . . . anywhere on the horizon. It's as if I need to try to solve all the problems of the world. For a long time I worried about what would happen if I just stopped thinking. 

Would the globe stop spinning? 

Okay, that's silly. But I did wonder what might fall apart if I weren't tending to 100+% of everything 100+% of the time.

I'm learning that as I slow their pace and actually direct my thoughts toward God I experience a calm I hadn't known was even possible. And He meets me every time. And the more I practice, the easier it gets. I praise and thank El Elyon, the God Most High, for being the focus of those 'stolen moments' and showing Himself to me in such an intimate way.

I thought that glorious spectacle was sufficient to carry me the rest of my life. Evidently I was wrong because my Abba Father showed me more.

It happened one day as I came to Him, bringing my fallen and fragile self to stand in His presence. Being filled with awe and gratitude and so much more seemed somehow inadequate. I dared to ask if there was anything I should be doing.

That's me.       What's next?

That's when my God opened up a whole new vista by giving me four simple words.

"Be still and know . . ."

These first words of Psalm 46:10 lead into a declaration of marvelous truths about God. But to me that day they stood on their own. I thought I was being still so I think I told the Father that's where I was, in case I needed to say it. The words repeated.

"Be still and know . . ."

To be honest I was a bit confused. Once again familiar words from Scripture were echoing in my head and heart. There was that tinge of newness I needed to grasp. Surely you know what I mean. I was already caught up in some dramatic growth in my spiritual life. I wondered how much more I could handle. Then the tone became insistent.

"Be still and KNOW . . ."

Drat. There it was again. I was relieved that it seemed the still part wasn't the main focus. Maybe I was at least making progress in the slow-down, take-time, and be-calm part. It was as if God were reaching out to me with a flexible but sturdy ribbon to secure me to Himself. I took a bit of encouragement and waited in breathless expectation. 

"Be still and KNOW . . ."

Be = exist; specific state, quality, identity, nature or role; signify or represent*

still = not moving or making a sound, undisturbed, calm, tranquil

and = connecting two words of same parts of speech to be taken jointly; to imply order in time or progressive results; between verbs implies intention

know = be aware of through observation, inquiry or information; have knowledge or information about; be absolutely certain or convinced; recognize, be familiar or acquainted with; perceive with specific characteristics; assign a specific name or title; develop a relationship through meeting and spending time

"Be still and KNOW . . ."


And so my course is set. 

“Come to me . . .” 

"Be still and KNOW . . ."

What course is Jehovah-mekoddishkem, the Lord who sanctifies you, laying out before you?

*definitions adapted from my dictionary widget

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