Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Too Pooped to Post

In case you haven't noticed, today is Tuesday.

That's one day after Monday . . .

which makes me one day late for my weekly note.

Yes, I did remember the deadline.

No, I did not meet it.

Hmmm, maybe I should have invited a guest post.

Maybe next time.

It seems the physical stress of the last 15 months and in particular those of the last six have finally taken their ultimate toll. 

I couldn't meet a writing deadline.

God graciously lifted the mental and emotional burdens over Curt's serious health issues with his cardiologist's clearance to travel on 14 January. He's really been doing marvelously well. He's even walking 30 minutes a day, even up and down hills.

Evidently his improved condition gave my body permission to bring its complaints further into the open. The last week has brought further pain complications in my back and hips which have contributed rather ruthlessly to a heightened level of mental confusion and inability to cope with every day life.

Now don't start feeling sorry for me.

I have been applying the energy and focus God has granted to rest in His presence. My time in the Word has been richer. My fellowship with the Savior has been warmer. The ministry of the Spirit to me has been sweeter. For these things I lift honor and glory to the Triune God of all creation. 

There's more praise to be given though the actual evidence is still unseen.

The highly-recommended chiropractor I visited yesterday has a clear understanding of what's going on in my body. It seems the sacrum at the base of my spine has locked itself in place in a very unnatural position. That means that my whole skeletal structure has been functioning at odd angles for much more than a year. 

Suddenly the increasing complex of aches and pains all makes sense.  Hallelujah!

This wonderful news is tempered by his prognosis that it will take a couple of weeks to improve mobility and hopefully bring relief from pain. Another couple of weeks will be needed to move my body back to 100% efficiency. It's not so long to wait considering how long it's taken to get into this predicament. 

However, all of the various symptoms came to a crescendo of sorts on the very day of my appointment  and they are still pretty much in place. Let me share a great big, "Ouch!"

So for the time being I need to rest - as much as I'm able with an appointment today with my primary care doctor and a business meeting in the afternoon. Then there are the other responsibilities we gladly undertake to support Bill and Jenna by dropping off and picking up our grandchildren from various activities. At least those activities don't require too much brain power. 

I pray I'll be back on track in time to post next week. I'm going to leave that in the Father's hands. Please join me in heartfelt gratitude to Him for leading me to the healing process He has arranged for me. I ask that this path would be straight and sure and short that we might return home to Prague. 

How about you? 

My signal that I was way beyond the end of myself was missing a writing deadline. 

What's the red flag that signals the end of the line for you?


  1. You had me at too pooped to post! That title and picture made me laugh right out loud, but catching up with what's been happening with you and Curt's difficulties wasn't so funny. Bless you heart, I'm praying for you both. Hugs!

    1. Thank you for your prayers, Jan. We both need them, perhaps me a bit more so at the moment.
      May God keep you right where He knows you need to be. Amen