Friday, February 21, 2014

Assignment Suitcase

Life is not all fun and games.


Your spouse is released from a foreign hospital, having lived through emergency surgery and a heart attack. Plans have come together to fly you to your family for further surgery.

What do you do?

First, you stop and praise God for keeping your Honey or Sweetie alive. 

Next you try to think about all the stuff you gotta do to get ready to travel. 

Then you start praying God will keep you both alive until you reach your destination.

I know because this was my life.

In the midst of all of those crazy circumstances, the task of packing took on the appearance of an angry gorilla. God seemed to think I was just the person to whip him into submission, but I wasn't so sure.

Of course the patient's suitcase came first as a measure of my care and compassion. So there was NO energy or inspiration left for mine - sad to tell. 

We had no idea how long we'd be on the road, but figured we'd be back home in three months at the latest. In went three skirts, some blouses, three sweaters, a collection of underwear and a pair of warm boots for winter. 

Thankfully I was prompted to include vitamins and both of our cosmetic cases. God's goodness reigns.

We've been running the medical gauntlet, resulting in higher praises to God that more surgery is not required after all, not even recommended. YIPPEEEEEE

And yet, at four months and counting we're no closer to home as we endeavor to get my health reviewed and restored. 

Now look, don't get me wrong. I appreciate it when folks ask how we're doing. I'm grateful for every person who has been and continues to pray for us. We need all the spiritual support we can get. Thanks and keep 'em comin'.

But you gotta know that given the situation that led to the packing job, what actually made it into the suitcase, and the varied and numerous activities on our schedule, getting dressed each day is becoming a trial.

What's clean?

Do these items match?

When was the last time I wore this?

Did the people I'll see today see me in this outfit recently?

I'd really like to wear a skirt, but it seems I've worn them 100 times already.

Attending church weekly and visiting the same doctor three times a week is especially challenging. I wonder what folks think.

I could say I'm losing my mind over this highly limited wardrobe, but that would be dramatic. Instead I'll just say I'm bearing up under the fashion strain and trust some of you will know what I mean.

Of course the evidence of what kind of packing job I did is in my appearance.

So for any of you who see me these days,

"How'm I doin'?"    ;-)

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