Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Ever Wonder Why?

I'm not talking about why the morning alarm didn't go off. I'm not even thinking about when it rains on the day I plan a picnic. 

I'm wondering about why God records certain details in Scripture. 

My Honey and I are working through Numbers in our morning devotions. (And it's not boring!) A particular point in Chapter 3 caught my attention yesterday and I've been pondering it ever since. 

We're in the early part of the book where God is directing Moses to count and organize the Israelites. Throughout the process it's clear that the clan of Levi is in a different position than all the other clans. For one thing the Levites were not included in the census. For another they were the only ones allowed to transport, maintain or even touch the tabernacle of the Testimony. They were even given a specific place to camp in order to protect the Israelites from God's wrath.

The LORD further declares that the Levites and their livestock are to be set aside to redeem the firstborn of Israel and their livestock. I recognize and am moved by this early blueprint for the coming redemption of Christ. The sinless life He lived and the sacrificial death He survived means eternal life for those given Him by the Father. 

The part I don't understand is why the exchange isn't a complete one-for-one. 

The numbers are off. There are more firstborn Israelites than there are Levites. Thankfully God arranges a way for the 273 'extras' to be redeemed. He directs Moses to collect a specific amount of silver for each one. The total turns out to be 35 pounds of "redemption money".  (Numbers 3:40-51) 

Now THAT confuses me. 

God knows all things and was certainly aware of exactly how many Israelites and Levites there were. God is sovereign and could easily have perfectly lined up the numbers. So why the difference? 

God does not make mistakes which means the unequal totals were part of His plan. God loves actively which means the 273 were valuable. So why the exchange of cold silver for precious lives?

I've checked a few sources to find an explanation. None satisfy me. And so I continue to wonder. Thankfully such Wondering Points don't disrupt the foundation of Truth. God knows all things and is sovereign over every detail, He doesn't make mistakes and He cherishes His chosen ones. 

These things are all True whether I understand the reason behind every word the Father has had recorded or not. Hallelujah.

Maybe this isn't your Wondering Point. After all I'm a firstborn so maybe it jumps out at me for that reason. I'd like to know what details in Scripture cause you to ponder. Share with me.

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  1. I seriously do not know what I would do if God were not sovereign!