Sunday, January 4, 2015

Manifesto Schmanifesto

In case you're wondering, I used the word Manifesto because it's a $5 word that might grab your attention. 

In case you're wondering further, a manifesto is simply a mission statement. 

I'm excited to offer you my thoughts on the changing of the calendar.

This year I noticed a lot of folks talking about their 'word for the year'. I never heard of that concept before and I've lived 46 years since qualifying as a legal adult. I was trying to figure out where the idea came from and whether or not I might find it helpful to me when I realized the LORD had already given me my word. Clarity

1) I'm asking God to grant me clarity about myself, my life, and my world so that I might bask in His grace and bring glory to His Name.

There are some people who choose a specific theme for their year. I've been concentrating on getting to know the character of God the Father. Should I change that focus? When I first came to the Truth of the atoning work of Christ I was consumed with my Savior, but that was a while ago and I could probably benefit from refreshing that relationship. Jesus.

2) I'm approaching Jesus as my Older Brother to receive the power and wisdom, compassion and courage, humility and surrender He has to offer.

Then there are those who take a look backward in order to plan ahead. I've done that and struggle to make sense out of my 2014. In many ways I lived closer to God than I ever have and yet a dark shadow obscures any sort of meaning or direction from the varied and dramatic events that filled the year, and prevents any real understanding

3) I'm entreating the Holy Spirit to guide me throughout 2015 that I might experience balance, fulfillment, and joy.

Anybody wanna join me on the adventure for clarity through Jesus toward balance, fulfillment, and joy?

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