Thursday, July 18, 2013

Are your eyes open for God?

How casually it began.

"It's not as warm as we thought it might be. And we'll have more time today than tomorrow. How about if we exchange our dinner meals?" Me

"You mean put together the lasagna for tonight and serve the chicken that's already cooked tomorrow night?" 
Gracious Guest who brought the meals

"Yes. Would that be all right with you?" Me

"Yes, that would be fine." Gracious Guest

We enjoyed the rest of our visit around the city - a trip on the funicular, pony rides, a walk to the monastery, sitting in a blooming rose garden. There's nothing quite like seeing sights through the eyes of newcomers. 

We returned to our flat and, after a short break, Gracious Guest began pulling out ingredients and preparing dinner. It was a blessing to be able to sit and rest my tired legs while a dear friend occupied my kitchen.

My Honey's phone rang. 

It was our Local Friend who joins us for dinner each week on THIS NIGHT.


We forgot to mention that to Mr. and Mrs. Gracious Guests. An explanation and apologies were offered and Younger Guests, also known lovingly as Slaves, set another place at the table. 

The evening was rich in delicious food and friendly fellowship. It could be said that a good time was had by all. 

Next Day

We went to the Prague Zoo which means a lot of walking even though parts of it were closed due to a recent city-wide flood. Exhausted and happy to have so little prep work to do we enjoyed our final meal together on the balcony. 

Not sure what spices Gracious Guest used, but the chicken and rice were superb. The sliced tomatoes added color as we each savored an entire quarter of delicious meat. Dessert was a bit of cake in a bowl topped with fresh fruit and covered with whipped cream. YUMMMM

After Mr. and Mrs. Gracious Guest left for their assigned romantic walk downtown Slave #1, pictured above, helped me clean the kitchen. My hand stopped wiping the counter as a glimpse came into focus.

"Wow! We decided to switch our meals and that meant we had lasagna last night. If we'd had chicken as we planned, there would not have been enough pieces for Local Friend. 

"But instead we had lasagna and there was plenty of food for him. God led us to make the change before we even remembered Local Friend would be joining us. God's plans and timing are perfect. "

"God knows what's coming." Slave #1

Gotta remember that pithy truth.

"for the LORD is a God who knows"  1 Samuel 2:3b

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