Thursday, April 25, 2013

The REAL Us and Them

Living in a country, culture, circumstances that are different from what we're familiar with can feel a bit . . . 

shall we say . . . 

stretch - i - n - g.

Some differences, such as language and currency are obvious touch points in the need to make adjustments. 

We find hidden distinctions, such as customs and traditions far more significant topics in the acculturation process.

It's the host of subtle, unspoken, delicate variations among people that requires intentionality, alertness, commitment, sensitivity, finesse, and above all grounding in biblical Truth. 

For example, 'conversation distance' and/or 'body space' change from place to place. Being aware of and willing to adjust to these local zones can positively affect communication. 

On the other hand, if local practice in relationships is to engage in casual sexual encounters, adjusting is impossible since it would involve compromise to biblical standards. 

In the first category of differences it's easy enough to blend the 'Us' and the 'Them' under the overarching descriptions Paul provides in Romans 1.

The second category of differences requires a high level of wisdom, love, strength, courage, and so much more to discern the 'Us' and 'Them' and respond in God-honoring and -pleasing ways.

How is this possible with any accuracy, any regularity, any success?

First, we need to recognize that the true distinguishing factors are not physical or cultural, local or global though these are categories we must address in this life. 

God clarifies the REAL 'Us' and 'Them' as spiritual divisions - sheep and goats, saved and lost, heaven and hell, good and evil. We are engaged in the battle of the centuries and He has given us all we need to prevail with accuracy, regularity, and victory.

Hear and heed the Father's holy provision.


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