Thursday, August 1, 2013

How to Win Souls and Influence a Nation

What power can God apply through one person over the life of another or over the life of a nation . . . what influence?

I have to confess I had only a hazy idea about the answer to those questions until this week.

Somewhere or other the name Harold Bell Wright came across my screen. I was told his books were FREE to download so I looked him up to find out about his work. HB Wright wrote 19 books that were published in the first half of the 20th century. The thing that hooked me though was the letter I discovered that was written to his daughter-in-law by Ronald Reagan.


March 13, 1984

Dear Mrs. Wright,

It is true that your father-in-law's book, indeed books, played a definite part in my growing-up years. When I was ten or eleven years old, I picked up Harold Bell Wright's book, That Printer of Udell's, which I'd seen my mother reading, and read it from cover to cover. Perhaps I should tell you I became an avid reader at a very early age and had my own card for the Dixon, Illinois Public Library. I made regular use of that card.

That book, That Printer of Udell's, had an impact I shall always remember. After reading it and thinking about it for a few days, I went to my mother and told her I wanted to be baptized. We attended the Christian Church in Dixon, and I was baptized several days after finishing the book.

The term, "role model," was not a familiar term in that time and place. But I realize I found a role model in that traveling printer whom Harold Bell Wright had brought to life. He set me on a course I've tried to follow even unto this day. I shall always be grateful.


HB Wright's first title "That Printer of Udell's" went to the top of my list. 

Say what you want about Reagan, his presidency, his political career, his legacy, or anything else about the man. Until you read this book you haven't got a clue. 

No, I won't give you any more hints. If you really want a glimpse of God's divine intervention in the lives of men and nations, you have to do the same thing I did and catch it for yourselves. > Harold Bell Wright > That Printer of Udell's > $0.00 Kindle Edition

Let me know what YOU find.

*The photo is my personal addition. None was included in the original letter on White House stationery.

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