Monday, August 19, 2013

Powerful Words to Consider

A friend suggested Psalm 107 was full of Truth . . . 
about me and the LORD

I needed wisdom and relief so I spent some time reading it.

She was right.

A. fallen humans                                   B. Perfect God
wander in wastelands                           delivers
hungry and thirsty                                 leads
lives ebb away                                      satisfies and fills
sit in darkness and gloom                     saves x 2
suffer in iron chains                               brings out x 2
rebel and despise                                  breaks away chains
stumble without help                              breaks down gates
become fools                                         cuts through bars
suffer affliction                                       sends forth His Word
rest in iniquities                                      heals
loathe food                                             rescues
draw near death                                     speaks and stirs up
courage melts away                               stills the storm
reel and stagger                                     hushes the waves
at wits end                                              guides to a haven 
wander in trackless waste                      blesses
                                                                lifts the needy
                                                                increases families

How are YOU doing?                              Anything like ME?

Too much understanding of Column A 
                                                                and not enough of Column B?

Maybe it's time to redirect our focus Godward.


Run. Do not walk.

Grab a Bible.

Pray for God's intervention.

Read Psalm 107 for yourself.


Repeat daily at various references.

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