Thursday, March 5, 2015

Lame Judges to be Removed

Today I received what my EE (Editor Extraordinaire) believes is the final draft of the prequel. She says, "It's EXCELLENT." And I haven't even paid her yet.  ;-)

"If the situation gets to be as bad as you're trying to make it, maybe it's the setting for Messiah to come. He'll arrive in a blaze of glory and power, get rid of the lame judges we have to put up with, and declare Himself King. That's what I'm waiting for anyway."

Elimelech to Naomi, page 3
Naomi: Desperate Times

Please ask the Lord to equip and enable me to complete my polishing and get the prequel in print.  Thank you.

Feel free to share the Naomi news with whomever you wish. 

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