Thursday, March 12, 2015

Rebellion in Bethlehem

The prequel is polished and ready to move to the next phase.

Feel free to cover me with prayer while I learn the process of getting it into print. 

Oh, my!

I'll keep sharing comments from my EE (Editor Extraordinaire) for you to read while you wait.

"Elimelech grabbed his wrist. 'You will not speak to your mother in that rude manner. She works hard to care for us. You will heed your speech and attitudes in accordance with the messages Yahweh delivered on Sinai.' He released his grip but locked his son in place with a piercing stare."
Elimelech to Mahlon, p. 3
Naomi: Desperate Times

"Boom! Nice."  EE

*personally I don't think Naomi looked this old, even on her way back to Bethlehem

What say you?


  1. Having seen 30 yr old women who look 60 or older who live in 3rd world countries because of their hard life, I would not be surprised if Naomi looked way older than her years. Can't wait for the book Sis.

    1. Thank you for your knowledgeable response, Dear One. Your interest is a bonus. :-)