Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Monday Became Tuesday

I'm really not sure how it happened but Monday became Tuesday before I could put together a few words.

Today will be a collection of thoughts I've had along with news about what's going on around here.

First a question, what things let you know that you're not at 'home'?
The other day it was wooden spoons for me.

We spent Saturday night in the ER of Concord Hospital, Concord NH. Curt was moved to his room around 5:30am and we both settled in for a bit of sleep before the day's routine began. I was really thankful for a room with a banquette beneath the window.

We were sad to miss worship with the local New Boston body, but I went home feeling relieved that Curt was being closely monitored by medical professionals again. We returned that afternoon to gather around his bed as a family. Sunnie even drove up from Connecticut to be with us. 

At one point I sat on the side of the hospital room and took in the sight of all of us together as a family. With all the uncertainty and unknowns we were facing there was a sense of strength that washed over me. There we were a small collection of human beings joined by blood and marriage (happy to call Bill our son-in-the-Lord) through the loving sovereignty of God Almighty. 

People often speak of the ways God makes Himself known to those under duress. My Honey and I have had a number of such experiences over the last two months. But this episode of feeling bathed in great strength that washed away every hesitation and fear, question and trial was a fresh taste of the Father's great love and power. It is something I want to hang onto for the rest of my life.

Sunday night I once again crawled into bed alone. As often happens to me threats and pressures seem to become more frightening in the darkness of the night. As a troop of them harassed me I cried myself into my Compassionate Savior's arms. He held me in His firm embrace until I fell asleep.

Once again the power and Truth of the Scriptures sustain me.

God is our refuge and strength,
an ever-present help in trouble.  Psalm 46:7,11

The staff came around on Veterans Day to present Curt with a flag and a certificate offered in gratitude for his service in the US Navy. It was a treat to be so honored. 

On Monday morning Curt underwent another colonoscopy. The report was so positive that they decided to release him that afternoon. When we heard the good news we were already on our way up to visit. By 'we' I mean Jenna and Sunnie, Champ, Miss Mae, and BigGame. 

Instead of entertaining Doc with various activities we spent our time taking care of paperwork and making preparations to take him home. Jenna called a friend nearby to borrow a shirt, shoes, and a sweatshirt. We all decided it would be cool for the aging Hipster to enter the world in his fashionable pajama bottoms. 

Dr. Q. sat down with us and went through a lot of information about my Honey's surgery which he said was world class. He also explained the phases of recovery and offered a lot of insights about diet and menu and lifestyle adjustments we will need to make. It was exactly the kind of input we've been craving since about 6 October when we started to recover from the shock of his emergency surgery. 

By the time we were ready to leave it was already getting dark. It was hard to tell who was happier Doc or our three grandchildren.

We bid good-bye to the tremendous staff, kissed Sunnie farewell as she headed back to CT, and made our way to the Baggs home for an early dinner and bed time.

And that's how Monday became Tuesday as I missed my posting deadline.

We're thankful God built in a Day Off when we could do close to nothing - eating, reading, resting, and laundry. It's just what we needed to get ready for tomorrow morning's appointment to meet Dr; Lockhart, my Honey's cardiologist. Guess I'll be sharing that news on Thursday, assuming it doesn't somehow turn into Friday.   *tee hee

Thank you for sticking with us in this seemingly never-ending story. In spite of how it feels we KNOW that God has us in the palm of His hand and that He already has His perfect conclusion in place. Hallelujah!

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