Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Celebrating Sidewalks

You might guess that city sidewalks could be difficult to manage in deep snow.  

You might imagine that city sidewalks could be dangerous when covered with ice.

You would be correct.

Few people would think that city sidewalks could be tricky under a few fluffy flakes.

They would be wrong.

We know because we have now experienced all three options.

Last winter there were practically no clear pathways except downtown where the tourists roam. Every time we went out of our building we were taking our life in our hands.

We made it to the tram stop for a ride to the grocery store pretty much on schedule twice a week. We got to church most Sundays. That's all we could risk on the block and cobble stone walkways even though there was very little snowfall. 

This winter somebody must have decided clear sidewalks are important. 


The first time we came out and saw the open pathway down the middle of the sidewalk we felt like jumping for joy. There was even some sort of fine gravel sprinkled around for traction. We were able to walk normally instead of 'skating' as if we were walking on a frozen pond. 

AND that day wasn't a fluke. 

We've been enjoying snow-free passages all around the city no matter the precipitation or the temperature. 

I could say we're basking in sidewalks, but that sounds silly. 

Instead I'll just say we're celebrating them as gifts from above. 

"They will celebrate your abundant goodness and joyfully sing of your righteousness."  Psalm 145:7


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  2. I love being able to celebrate simple things such as clear sidewalks! If we are so quick to grump, we should be even quicker to celebrate!

    1. Thanks, Gfam. Celebrating quickly is one of the habits I'm trying to cultivate.