Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Household Emergency

"I'm going to have some coffee. Would you like a cup of tea?" My Honey asked.

What a lovely way to break from a morning of writing. And at just the right time too.

"Yes, thank you," I replied.

"Splutter . . . splosh . . . sputter," the spigot spat. 


We looked at each other in shock. The washing machine was running so maybe the problem was only in the kitchen. Nope, the bathroom sink doesn't have any water either.

Quick, unplug the washing machine. 


Curt called our Czech neighbor pretty certain that he'd know what was happening.


He turned his dishwasher off and went to see if he could find out what the problem was.

WAITING.  (Shall we whistle or twiddle our thumbs?)

Uh, in case nobody noticed, I haven't taken my shower yet.

Curt's cell phone rang. 

It's only supposed to be shut off for about half an hour to allow for an upgrade somewhere in the building. 


Sure enough, half an hour later we've got water.

Welcome to life in Prague with all it's ups and downs, covered in blessings by God's grace.

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