Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Crisis #362

"Hey, Honey. The toaster won't work." 

"Try another plug."

"Nope, it won't work over here either."

"Guess we won't have toast this morning."

I wasn't too upset. We'd already had to replace the toaster once. 

I moved to the stove area and flipped the switch for the overhead light. 

"Hey, the light over the stove isn't working." 

"The light in this room isn't working either. Hmm, the computer's running on battery."

"Quick, call Joe."*

"I'd really rather not disturb him again unless we have to."

Curt went downstairs to see if there was an announcement posted, as usual, inside the front door that he could decipher about the power being shut off for some reason. 
He was back in a flash.

"Evidently we're the only ones without power."

"Oh no, now what do we do? Let's call Joe."

"First I think I'll check the electrical box in the storage closet."

Curt didn't notice any of the circuit breakers being popped. 
He started to turn each one off and back on systematically. 

"Bingo! Hey, that's it. The lights are working."

Smiles. Cheers. Rejoicing. Gratitude.

"I'm glad we didn't have to bother Joe."

We solved the crisis with only God's help. Yippeeee!

Curt's The Man!

Let's have breakfast.

*our Czech neighbor

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